Stakeholders call for more Community Radio in Nigeria

Temitope Mustapha, Abuja


Stakeholders in the Radio Broadcast Industry have called on the Nigerian government to promote and encourage the establishment of more Community Radio.

They tasked the Nigerian media to develop media Plurality and diversity in their content to accommodate all Interest.

The calls were made during a special Programme of Voice Of Nigeria tagged, In the News, which featured the United Nations Information officer, Dr Seyi Soremekun, Attah Babajide Zubair and Joy Jaiyesimi.

The United Nations Information UNIC officer, Dr Seyi Soremekun identified a difference between Plurality and diversity.

Diversity in Audience
He pointed at the need for media industry to create diversity in it audience strength and the editorial content.

According to Soremekun, “it is important that radio broadcasters uphold the ethics of the profession”.

“Presently Nigeria issued license to 17 proprietors to run community radio but only few of them were able to pick up, the community radio takes care of community interest,we should not look at community with geographical square but the community radio that will reflect the interest of every group and this will bring out the diversity..

“The convergence of media now makes it easy for radio audience , you may not see people carrying radio on them on the street ,radio listeners now connect on internet, we need to promote more of media pluralism,”  Dr Soremekun said.

A radio broadcast journalist, Joy Jaiyesimi said Nigeria media was presently making attempt to achieve diversity .

According to her, “we are still trying to get it right in the area of diversity because diversity entails that everyone is well represented , diversity involves discussion about culture, languages and tradition.

“Like in Nigeria we have over 250 languages we are different but we should ensure we talk about how to co-exist without chaos or crisis and we are presently trying to achieve here in Nigeria” She said.

Talking about Peace
Jaiyesimi said diversity in radio involves talking about peace and co-existence without chaos and crisis.

The theme of the 2020 World Radio Day is We are diversity, We are radio.

Meanwhile the anchor of the programme and a Senior News Director, Othman Aliu mentioned that Nigeria’s International Radio Outfit, Voice of Nigeria already achieved the thematic areas that UNESCO identified as the VON broadcast in eight languages and it presently has high number of female Professional journalists than men in distribution of gender.

UNESCO Nigeria supported the programmes of Voice of Nigeria on the celebration of the 2020 World Radio Day with three radio set that were presented to respondents of the programmes of the media organisation.

The world Radio Day was proclaimed in 2011 by the Member States of UNESCO, and adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012 as an International Day and February 13 became World Radio Day.



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