Stakeholders call for professionalism in Media practise

Governor Kayode Fayemi with other dignitaries during the unveiling of the book.
Cynthia Okere,  Lagos
People have the right to know all the activities of those leading them, particularly, the decisions of government that affect their lives, which required adequate information to help them take the right decisions.
The governor of Ekiti state, Kayode Fayemi while making the statement explained that lack of adequate information to the people breeds fake news and unprofessional practise in the media sector which needs to be put to a halt for peace and stability in the Country.
According to him, media as a watchdog of the society has a crucial role to play in promoting accountability, transparency and public scrutiny that would shape a healthy democracy.
Fayemi who was speaking at the Governor’s lecture forum, an annual communication in Governance Agenda Setting lecture series and Book Release in Lagos said that commercialisation of news has posed a serious threat to democracy and good governance because according to him, paid news can only compel the media to surrender its independence.
Transparency in governance
He called for increased professionalism in media practice and  responsiveness both in agenda setting for policy makers and in ensuring transparency in government’s activities saying it’s the only way democracy will thrive.
Governor Fayemi also decried the spate of insecurity in the country revealing that a western Nigeria security network would be announced soon.
He gave assurance of government’s readiness in creating an enabling environment for jobs to be provided for Nigerians and improve on vocational entrepreneurial skills for those that were willing to work
He said these were parts of efforts to fight insecurity in the country which he blamed on economic challenges and poverty in the society.
We have a longer term response to insecurity and lack of safety. I corelate it to economic challenges, inequality in the land and poverty in the society. I want to assure the people that government is doing all within it’s power to  tackle it. We will create an enabling environment for jobs to be provided for Nigerians and improve on vocational entrepreneurial skills for those that are willing to work because not everybody is ready to work” he said.
A Senior lecturer, Covenant university, Otta and editor of the new released book titled ‘Introduction to philosophy of mass communication for higher institutions, Oscar Odiboh said that there was need for upgrade in journalism practice.
According to him, much of mass communication has been recycled hence the need for new ideas which inspired the editing of the newly released book.
Odiboh explained that the book which is in three parts looks at the fundamentals of philosophy and mass communication and the connection between the two.
He said the book was a new way of seeing mass communication to help advance thinking, teaching and learning recommending it for all mass communication students.
Highlight of the occasion was the unveiling of the newly released book titled ‘Introduction to philosophy of mass communication For higher institutions’.
Lateefah Ibrahim