Stakeholders meet to validate education, operational plan in FCT

Hudu Yakubu, Abuja


In order to ensure adequate planning, implementation and development of the Education sector strategic and operational plans at the FCT level, the Department of Policy, Planning, Research and Statistics has basketball brought together the six Area council’s in FCT to present their Local Education Sector and Operational Plan(LESOP) to stakeholders for further consultation and validation.

Speaking during the 3 days stakeholders meeting supported by UNICEF, the Director of the Department said, Dr Sani Mohammed Ladan said, the objectives of the stakeholders meeting is to interface with the document for necessary inputs, look at the data used in terms of baselines and target while ensuring the Local Education Authority level active involvement in the LESOP document.

He stated that, the expected outcome among others is to ensure the stakeholders consultation and ownership of the document, validate it for proper implementation in FCT.

Dr Ladan noted that, the responsibilities of providing basic quality education lies on the Local Education Authority.

The Director observed that, over the years, UNICEF has supported the development of the Education Sector Strategic and Operational Plans at the state level involving thirty states including the Federal Capital Territory.

He said, the process has strengthened both institutional and individual capacity at Local level soliciting for adequate funding for the department to enable it carries out the expected mandate of in-depth and adequate planning and research as well as correct collection of data as applicable.

In their various submission, the two resource persons, Dr Gladys Makoju and Barrister Ego Okechukwu said, the planning development process is strategic which is aimed to bring planning and implementation of Education sector activities and down to the grassroots level.

They commended the Six Area Council’s technical committee for their commitment which involves intensive training, data collection of number of Teachers, Students, infrastructure both in  quantitative and qualitative  as well as  creating conducive learning environment among others.

They stressed on the proper implementation of the LESOP document for the benefits of the Students and Society.

In their goodwill messages, the directors of school services in Secondary Education Board and Special Needs respectively, Dr Sunday Idakwoji and Dr Ene Fransisca said, the secondary education is also vital to effect the plan document while putting into consideration special needs persons into the LESOP plan in order to bridge the gap.

In his remarks, the Director of Administration and Finance, Education Secretariat, Mallam Umar Marafa called on all the FCT stakeholders to key into the new local education sector operational plan(LESOP) to improve education at the local level adding that, the document will guide the service delivery of quality education in FCT.

The Director, Administration and Finance commended UNICEF for its continuous support in the Education sector assuring that, the planning process and implementation will add value to the Students and Schools.

The well attended 3days Stakeholders meeting in the FCT plan has three components of ECCDE, Primary and Nomadic Education.