‘Stay away from politics’,  Institute warns Zimbabwe’s army


The Institute for Security Studies (ISS) has raised concern over the clear involvement of the Zimbabwe National Army’s with the country’s forthcoming harmonised elections.

The worrying development can compromise the credibility of elections and might have serious implications on the outcome of the elections.

“It is important that the military publicly announces its pledge to stay clear of politics regardless of the election results. They have often been meddling in politics in the past and have just recently done that when they stepped in last year,” Senior researcher at ISS, Derek Matyszak.

This comes after Zimbabwean army played a crucial role in getting President Emmerson Mnangagwa into power last year, as they launched a brief take over from then president Robert Mugabe.

The military temporarily took control of the country on November 15 when internal feuding escalated in the ruling Zanu-.PF party over then president Mugabe’s succession.

Zimbabwe is set to have elections on the 30th of July this year.