Students demand better pay for Nigerian Teachers

Yusuf Akinlotan, Lagos


The Muslim Students Society of Nigeria, MSSN has called on Nigerian government to improve welfare packages of Nigerian teachers in order to secure solid future of the country’s education.

The Amir,(President) of the Lagos State Area Unit of the Society, Dr. Saheed Ashafa made the call in an official press statement as they joined the rest of the to commemorate World Teachers day 2019.

He  described the present situation in which teachers are poorly paid as totally unacceptable

He said: “Importance of teachers in any society that desire all- round growth is second to none. We advocate for significantly higher pay for teachers at all levels of our educational sector.”

The Students leader demanded that all other forms of hardship being encountered by teachers in the country, be immediately resolved without delay.

According to him “Inhuman treatment such as travelling far distance to schools, absence of modern teaching tools and inadequate refresher courses must be addressed with alacrity by the present government”

Dr. Ashafa whose society trained thousands of Nigerian youths  annually with December Vacation course, reminded  the current government of importance of  paying more attention to the country’s educational sector.

Better Remuneration
The MSSN Lagos leader, advocated  better remuneration for the educators, they ( teachers) were as well implored to eschew  all forms of professional misconduct to restore their integrity and sanctity of the teaching profession.

He said “It should be clearly stated that the rate of examination malpractice at present is highly embarrassing.  The poisonous role of many teachers in the spate of malpractice at its present height is unpardonable. We must do everything to ensure that sanity return to the sector”

He bemoaned a situation where teachers engage in serial abdication of duty, perpetual lateness to class, illicit relationship with students and other forms of misconduct as unethical and uunacceptable

Dr. Ashafa also emphasised that teachers must remember that the only enduring wealth they possess is personal integrity and must as such display high sense of dignity at all time.

The World Teachers’ Day, also known as International Teachers Day, is held every year on October 5 to honour teachers and recognize their contributions to education and development in the society.


Confidence Okwuchi