Sudan appoints new army chief


Sudan has appointed a new army chief and announced a reshuffle of the country’s military leadership not long after similar changes to the intelligence services, the state-owned Sudanese News Agency (Suna) reports.

The reshuffle might be an indication that the president is consolidating the support of Sudan’s two most powerful organs as he nears the end of his second and last term in office.

“Broad changes in the leadership of the armed forces and Lt General Kamal Abdel Ma’ruf [appointed as] Chief of the Joint Staff,” reads a breaking news caption on the SUNA website (in Arabic).

The Sudanese president recently carried out a reshuffle in the security sector, appointing a new head of the national intelligence and security and a new deputy.

Some high-ranking officials within the ruling party have called for amendment of the constitution to allow President Omar al-Bashir to run for a third term in office in the 2020 elections.