Sudan denies funding radical Eritrean Islamic group

Sudanese president Omar Al Bashir pictured with Qatari leader Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa. Eritrea has accused Sudan and Qatar of financing a secret Jihadist movement led by Muhammed Jumma to cause unrest in the country.

Sudan has reacted to allegations by the Eritrean government that it was providing support to a radical opposition group led by Eritrean Islamist Mohammed Jumma.

The Suddanese foreign ministry described the accusations made on Friday by the Eritrean information ministry as “fabricated and unfounded claims”.

The statement by the Eritrean information ministry had asserted that Sudan and Qatar have established a military training camp for Jummah’s group.

 ‘‘In early February, the followers of the radical Islamic Cleric, Mohammed Jumma, opened an office, under extreme secrecy, in a secluded area to organize political and military activities as well as to train their members,’‘ read part of the statement.

‘‘Funding of their activities is provided by the Embassy of Qatar in Khartoum. Training and other logistical functions are managed by the Sudanese Security and Intelligence Service.’‘

Asmara also claimed that Doha provided Sudan with three Mig fighters and funding a joined Sudanese Ethiopian force deployed in Kassala, along the border with Sudan.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms that the allegations made by the Eritrean Ministry of Information are baseless, and reminds that Kassala is open to all, including the foreign diplomatic missions accredited to Sudan,” said a statement issued by the foreign ministry spokesperson Gafar Sumi Tutu.

While Eritrea wondered why the Qataris would involve themselves in ‘such senseless intricacies’, the Sudanese government reassured their neighbours that they are committed to a policy of ‘non-interference in internal affairs’.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reaffirms the commitment of the Government of Sudan to pursue a policy of good neighbourliness and non-interference in internal affairs in its relations with neighbouring countries and brotherly and friendly States,” Tutu further stressed.

Asmara has in the past accused Doha of supporting and advertising Jumma’s activities through Al-Jazeera TV.