Sudan receives wheat shipment from Saudi Arabia, UAE

Sudan has received 540,000 tons of wheat  from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The first and second batch comprising of 140,000 tons of wheat have already been shipped.

“The food security support provided to the Sudanese people is in line with the wise directives of the leaderships of the UAE and Saudi Arabia to ensure the provision of essential food supplies and mitigate the effects of the current transitional stage in the country,” said Director General of Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) Mohammed Saif Al Suwaidi.

“Both countries are keen to provide all possible support to Sudan in overcoming difficult conditions and achieving economic stability and food security. The aid package stems from the brotherly ties that unite UAE and the Saudi Arabia with the Sudanese people,” he added.

Saudi Arabia and UAE had jointly set up a $3 billion food aid package to support Sudan’s economic and financial stability in April.

Both countries deposited $500 million to the Central Bank of Sudan, evenly split between the two countries, to strengthen the bank.

The remainder of the aid package will be allocated to meet the urgent needs of the Sudanese people for food, medicine, petroleum derivatives and seasonal agricultural requirements.