Sudanese army arrests top Generals over failed coup

The new head of Sudan's joint chiefs of staff, General Mohamed Othman al-Hussein announced the details of the arrests on state television.

The Sudanese army says after foiling a military coup it has arrested several high ranking officers and senior member of the former governing national congress party, NCP.

It is not clear exactly when the coup attempt happened, but the authorities could be referring to one that allegedly took place earlier this month.

Power sharing deal
This news comes as the military generals running Sudan and the opposition protest movements are due to continue efforts to finalise details of a power-sharing deal.

Those arrested include; the head of the joint chiefs of staff, General Hashim Abdel Mottalib Ahmed, and the head of the armoured brigade, Maj Gen Nasr al-Din.

Also detained were former Vice-President Bakri Hassan Salih and a foreign minister who had served under the deposed President Omar al-Bashir.

A military statement said that “the failed coup was an attempt to return the former NCP regime to power.’’

The new head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mohamed Othman al-Hussein said:“The failed coup attempt’s goal was to disrupt the path before the expected political solution that aims to establish a civilian state that the Sudanese people dream of.”

Negotiation of deal
Despite deep mistrust, military generals, the opposition protest movement and rebel groups are trying to negotiate the details of a deal to share power.


Christopher Ojilere