Sudanese cartoonist proud of amateur online role in uprising


Over in Sudan, there is an uprising that keeps rising, calling for the president in charge for 30-years to quit.

It has been pitted as a battle between the ordinary Sudanese and the regime of President Omar Al-Bashir.

At the heart of the protests which started in December 2018 is the Sudanese Professionals Association, SPA, which continues to rally people.

It has largely been supported by the population who have even defied a current state of emergency dispensation to keep protesting.

Social media  Facebook, Twitter have been two major avenues through which the SPAcommunicates.

It has also been a major outlet where people expose the excesses of the state, i.e. the harassment, extrajudicial acts and mistreatment of peaceful protesters.

He spoke to newsmen, addressing issues related to his part-time work,  the role and impact of social media, the factors that inspire him, his expectations of the current situation etc.

Hauwa Mustapha