Sudanese opposition accuses military of using force on civilians



Sudan’s opposition has accused the military of using improper force against civilians in Khartoum on Sunday.

Nine civilians were killed as Sudanese forces tried to disperse sit-in protesters.

“It is inappropriate, not correct and unacceptable by any rules or regulations for armed forces equipped with heavy weapons to deal with unarmed civilians, whatever their acts are”, said Sharif Mohammad Osman, opposition spokesman.

The army had said it was clearing ‘‘drug dealers and criminals’‘ close to where protesters have been staging sit-in outside the military headquarters.

Osman also accused military leaders of not honoring a deal between protesters and the armed forces.

The leading opposition Umma party on Sunday warned of an attempt to break up the sit-in amid rising tensions and deadlocked transition talks.

It called on the military council to resume negotiations with the protesters.

Both sides are divided over the make-up and leadership of the sovereign council, with the ruling generals refusing to relinquish power.