Super Eagles must play with a ‘superior attitude’ – Psychologist


Diana Asak, a sports psychologist says the Super Eagles must adopt a psychological superiority than other teams to win the World Cup in Russia.

Asak, from the University of Lagos, said a team with inferior complex was bound to crash woefully at the World Cup.

“Our boys should not only think they are better than others in the competition, but they should also interact with the other teams to build up their psyche.

“I am suggesting that our national team handlers should act as though they are managing the most superior team in the competition,’’ she said.

Asak said fear or inferior complex had cost the national teams victory in past international football tournaments.

“To me, our overtly cautious approach, which is indicative of feeling inferior, when we play countries like Argentina or Italy, caused us to lose those matches.

“We usually come into a match with the fear of losing against these popular sides.

“But if we can come into the match feeling like we are not the underdog, then there is the likelihood that we will outplay the admired teams.

“Both our male and female football teams can match any country skill for skill, and with the right mindset and may even defeat them,’’ she said.

Body language

Asak also urged the team handlers to evolve body languages and tendencies that would send shivers down the minds of their opponents.

“I am recommending body languages similar to the Brazilians, used in one of the past World Cups by filing out from their dressing room, holding hands from the first to the last player.

“That singular act  by the Brazilians send fears into their opponents’ spines and even the opposition’s supporters before the first whistle of the match,’’ she said.

The psychologist urged the technical team of the Super Eagles to take the psychological aspect of the team seriously.

She added that seasoned psychologists should be engaged to accompany the team to the World Cup to boost their morale and superiority complex.