Suspected militants kill five in Mozambique


Suspected members of an Islamist militant group terrorising Northern Mozambique have struck another village, killing five people including a child.

Report says the raiders also burned down 44 homes in Lipandacua, Macomia district, Cabo Delgado province.

The youngest victim was sleeping in one of the houses when it was set alight.

Cabo Delgado police commander, Joaquim Sive told Radio Mozambique that a unit from the security forces had gone to the village to assess the situation.

This follows lethal attacks on the villages of Naene, also in Macomia, earlier this month, and of Namaluco, in the neighbouring district of Quissanga, two days later, in which a total of 14 people were murdered and 400 houses were destroyed.

The attacks in Cabo Delgado have led to calls for greater vigilance in the neighbouring province of Niassa.

Administrator of the Niassa district of Marrupa, Angelina Nguirezi, has called on young people not to be deceived when people of doubtful origin and behaviour offer them jobs.

More than 40 villagers have been killed in Cabo Delgado since the attacks by Islamist militants, known locally as al-Shabab, began in October last year.