Suspects in custody over coup attempt in Comoros


Authorities in Comoros have arrested around 10 people after an alleged failed coup attempt,” a fortnight after a constitutional referendum paved the way for President Azali Assoumani to extend his stay in power.

The suspects in custody include; several soldiers and a prominent author, Said Tourqui.

A public prosecutor has called them “a very impressive enterprise of terrorists” and local press says ”police searches came up with ammunition and cash.”

Mr Assoumani’s camp overwhelmingly won the referendum’s ‘yes’ vote, which was met with a violent opposition boycott.

Vice-President, Ahmed Jaffar,who denounced the plans for a constitutional referendum, was stripped of most of his duties in July during a cabinet reshuffle.

The country has been torn apart by more than 20 coups since independence in the 1970s.


Olufunmilola Michael