Swiss court halts IAAF new rule on Semenya

Mazino Dickson


A Swiss court has ordered the global athletics body IAAF to allow South African runner Cespa Semenya to compete without taking testosterone-reducing medication – while her appeal against a new rule is pending.

This ruling temporarily halts a new rule by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to restrict the testosterone levels of the Olympic 800m champion.

The new regulation prompted the 28-year old to seek redress from the Swiss Federal courts to protect her rights.

Consequently in its ruling, the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland held that it had: “Super-provisionally instructed the IAAF to suspend the application of the ‘Eligibility Regulations for the Female Classification for athletes with differences of sex development’ with respect to the claimant, until the decision on the request for issuance of provisional measures.”

“At present, it is not known when the Swiss Federal Supreme Courts will issue an interlocutory order concerning these provisional measures,” it added.


Semenya, whose glorious athletics career had earlier hung in the balance, expressed relief at the decision of the Swiss court.

“I hope following my appeal I will once again be able to run free,” she said.

“I am thankful to the Swiss judges for this decision.”

Her legal representatives also commended the court offering temporary protection to Caster Semenya.