Synergos solicits stakeholders’ commitment in formulation of agriculture policies


Synergos, a global non-profit organization, has called for stakeholders’ commitment in the formulation and implementation of agricultural policies to enhance the Nigeria’s food security.

The Country Director of Synergos, Mr. Adewale Ajadi, made the call in Abuja at a meeting of the recently constituted Federal and State Policy Alignment Committee.

Ajadi, urged the committee members to improve their efforts to establish a viable coordination platform for actors in the agricultural sector.

He said that the meeting was an opportunity for the committee members to know the challenges facing farmers in the states and proffer solutions to them.“The meeting is very important in the sense that we will get to hear what is happening in the states and understand what the state representatives are witnessing.
This will help with what we call a project cycle in which information and real-time experiences are fed back to the key policymakers, who can now use them to form policies.
We are at a time in our nation where policymaking is no longer an abstract activity that is completely detached from the key stakeholders,’’ he stated.

Ajadi said that Nigeria was now beginning to understand the value of data, information and experiences which could guide policy formulation processes. “What is the experience in terms of that policy to the immediate environment?
The policy is there to achieve a set goal. We will now check whether the policy has been achieved or causing more harm.
These are some of the things we want to realise from this meeting we are having today.
I, therefore, urge you to put your heads together in order to achieve the goals for which the committee was set up: to move the agricultural sector forward,’’ he said.

The 25-member consultative committee was inaugurated on Dec. 1, 2017, to facilitate the alignment of federal and state policies in the agricultural sector.This is to avoid duplication of efforts, which according to observers, is a critical challenge facing development issues in the country.

The committee is also expected to facilitate the knowledge of the benefits of mutual exchange and reinforcement in executing government policies.