Tanzanian journalist still missing after two years


The employer of Tanzanian journalist Azory Gwanda, who has not been seen since he disappeared exactly two years ago, is marking the anniversary with a tree-planting ceremony.

Mr Gwanda went missing in the south of the country in 2017 where he had been investigating a string of mysterious killings.

The government has said that the journalist’s disappearance is being looked into along with others who have been reported missing.

The authorities have not, however, announced any major breakthrough.

In July, Foreign Minister Palamagamba Kabudi appeared to say in an interview that the journalist had died, but the government later clarified his comments saying that his whereabouts were still unknown.

Journalists, media organisations such as the Committee to Protect Journalist CPJ, and rights activists, have been pushing the authorities to make Mr Gwanda’s case a priority.

A local media published a full page tribute to the journalist with his mural covered in quotes from people who knew him well.


Dominica Nwabufo