Tanzanian official dismisses rumours of possible attack

Tanzania flag

The chief administrator for Tanzania’s main city, Dar es Salaam, has accused the US of not following proper procedure when it comes to threats to security.

Paul Makonda was responding to an alert by the US Embassy that it had heard of rumours of a possible attack in a tourist area of the city.

He said that instead of talking about the rumours the US was “supposed to go through the proper channels to address the issue”.

In other words, the US should have let the Tanzanian security forces deal with it.

Chief of police Simon Sirro said he was aware of the information that the US was referring to and the police were investigating. But Mr Makonda appeared to contradict him by saying ”there is no information about a possible attack.”

He insisted that “our city is safe in all areas and our police are doing their work effectively as usual.

“I want tell visitors in hotels and all citizens that they should not be worried… there is no such threat.”


BBC/Dominica Nwabufo