Tanzania’s mobile phone subscriptions rise to 43.67m


Tanzania’s mobile phone subscriptions rose to 43.67 million in the three months ending in June 2019, making it a 4.7 percent increase from a year earlier.

The state-run Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) said the number of internet users in the East African country rose to 23.14 million in June, up from 22.99 million a year ago.

The estimated 2019 population of Tanzania is 58.01 million, up from the 2014 estimate of 50.8 million, ranking 25th in the world.

The agency said that the number of people using mobile money transfers rose to 22.9 million in second quarter from 20.8 million previously.

Vodacom Tanzania, a subsidiary of South Africa’s Vodacom Group, remained the market leader for both mobile phone subscribers and mobile money transfers.

Vodacom Tanzania increased its share of the mobile phone subscription market share slightly to 33 per cent from 32 per cent.

Peace PIAK