The importance of food security to social cohesion


The Regional Head of African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF), Dr Issoufou Abdourhamane, says availability of affordable food is a necessary condition for peace.

Abdourhamane, who made this known  in Abuja, said food was the first important thing in life and as such, its availability and affordability was critical.

For any living organism, food is the first important thing. If there is no food there is no life.

“It in only when you have full belly that you think about clothing. When there is no food, the society is in problem.”

The AATF boss expressed concern that the availability of affordable food in Sub-Saharan Africa was on the decrease.

“Sub Saharan Africa is the only part of the world where per capital food production has been going down and this has created problems for the society.

There are no magical solutions to it. How to address the situation is that we need to strengthen our agricultural research and development with targeted national objectives.

“This will help with the supervision of the extension workers in mastering modern agricultural technology.

“No country can develop agriculture without a good agricultural research development. So strengthening this and other indexes is obligatory.

“This is what my experience of 30 years of agricultural research and development tells me. We need to have well-funded agricultural policies as well as implementing them,“ he said.

However, he noted that besides the need to revamp research institutes, it was vital to tackle transportation challenges.

According to him, farmers need accessible roads linking their farms to the market.

He said in view of the numerous agricultural potentials in Sub-Saharan African, particularly in Nigeria, it was important to tackle challenges affecting food security.