Theresa May promises ‘robust’ Brexit negotiation team

Hauwa Abubakar UK


British Prime Minister, Theresa May has said the Brexit negotiation team would be more “robust” as they negotiate their divorce from the EU.

This comes after a leaked EU document indicated that the body would not resort to the European Court of Justice – if the UK breaches terms of any transition deal.

The report indicated that the EU would rather handle any such matter head-on with actions that could include;

  • imposing tariffs on goods
  • the enforcement of customs checks
  • grounding flights by suspending aviation rights, etc

Some EU officials have accused May of demanding terms that are akin to “wanting to eat your cake and have it” adding, the negotiations won’t be treated lightly.

The leaked document, entitled “Transitional Arrangements in the Withdrawal Agreement’, lays out the EU’s terms for the transition period, which demands that British officials and politicians will play no role in decision-making institutions after 29 March 2019-the official leave date.

The document says that only in exceptional cases will the UK be allowed to sit in on parts of meetings.

The document does not stipulate what acts by the UK would lead to sanctions, but the 27 member state body said it is concerned that the British government could infringe the rights of their nationals living in the UK after Brexit.

Meanwhile, frontline “Brexiters” have urged the PM to be tougher in her negotiations.

Theresa May was responding to questions from members of parliament during Prime ministers Questions- an event that holds every Wednesday which sees the PM responding to questions on how the government was addressing national issues from the house members.

“As I have said right from the very beginning we will hear noises, we will hear all sorts of things being said about positions that are being taken.

“What matters are the positions we take in the negotiations as we sit down and negotiate the best deal. We’ve shown we can do that. We did it in December and we are going to do it again,” she said.

The Prime Minister would meet with members of her cabinet to continue Brexit decisions.