Traditional ruler calls for proactive measures to resolve pastoral crises

Abdul Mohammed Isa, Niger State


Security agencies in Nigeria have been advised on the need to be more proactive in dealings with issues concerning herdsmen and larger communities clashes in the country.

The traditional leader of the Fulani Ethnic Group in Lagos South west Nigeria, Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar Banbado who mentioned this  over the weekend  in Minna North Central Nigeria  urged the the government and security agencies in the Country  to review its tactics in tacking insecurity and evolve policies aimed at halting the mutual distrust and suspicion among various ethnic and religious groups .

The traditional leader of Fulani  ethnic community in Lagos  the commercial nerve center of Nigeria  Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar banbado  has equally  faulted the alleged implications of  herders  for the rising insecurity in the Southern part and other of Nigeria .

it was wrong to single out people of Fulani extraction for blame, adding that it amount to “giving dog a bad name in order to hang it”.

The ethnic profiling has been on for long but has taken a dangerous dimension for obvious political reason. Criminality has no tribal marks and I can tell you authoritatively that the spate of kidnapping in the Southwest is not done by the Fulani ethnic stock,” said Alhaji Banbado

Alhaji Banbado also blamed some Elders of the south western Nigeria for pointing  accusing fingers to  the  Fulani pastoralists  as responsible for the murder of the daughter of  the pan Yoruba ethnic group ” Afenifere” Chieftain, Funke Olakunrin by unknown people recently in south west Nigeria.

 “Like all patriotic Nigerians, the  Fulani herd leaders in the south west had joined other well-meaning individual and associations in condemning the act”.

Alhaji Banbado equally faulted the call by certain elements that the herds men leaving in the Southern part of Nigeria  to  relocate to the North over the security challenges, describing it as unpatriotic as it negates the principle of collectivism and unity of the country.

He  however blamed some class of politicians in the country  for fueling  ethno religious crises   rather than  proffering solutions  due to what he refers as ” political interest”.

Report shows that the United Nations is presently making efforts to mitigate the herdsmen farmers crises in some parts of Nigeria through the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security (UNTFHS) in meeting stakeholders to discuss the protracted conflict affecting numerous communities, particularly in North central and other parts of Nigeria.