Tragedy as bridge collapses in Italy


A major bridge has collapsed near the northern Italian city of Genoa, leading to vehicles falling some 100m, about 328 feet from the ground.

Italian Transport Minister Danilo Toninelli said it was likely to be “an immense tragedy”.

Reports say there are dozens of dead people.

Photographs from the scene show huge sections of rubble on the ground underneath the middle of the bridge.

The collapsed section had mostly fallen on rail tracks below, with cars and trucks falling too.

One image shows a truck perched at the end of the surviving bridge section immediately before the drop.

The morandi bridge
The bridge, built in the 1960s, is known as the Morandi bridge. The missing section was dozens of metres in length, and ran across the span of the Polcevera stream.

That part of the city has been described as a densely inhabited area.

The structure collapsed shortly before noon local time (10:00 GMT) during heavy rain. Video shared by the police of the incident suggests a major vertical support, as well as the road itself, was part of the collapse.

Nneka Ukachukwu