Transmission company calls for electricity improvement in Nigeria

By Golfa Francis, Abuja


Nigerians have been urged to see sustainable development and growth of the country’s electricity industry as a national issue.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Transmitting Company of Nigeria, Mr. Usman Mohammed made the call during an Electricity Awareness Walk in Abuja on Saturday.

He said the UN Sustainable Developments Goals which classified infrastructure along industry and innovation as goal number 9 while availability of clean and affordable energy stands alone as goal number 7 gave importance to energy as a driver of modern technological development.

He stated that based on its demand, application, its inter linkages and other infrastructure dependence on it, power stands out as the most important infrastructure.

The CEO however expressed regret that most citizens knowingly or ignorantly are daily contributing to the crisis confronting the sector.

“It was important to highlight that any citizen vandalizing power infrastructure, build under power lines, frustrating the acquisition of power line ROW, frustrate construction of power infrastructure, steal electricity through outright illegal connection, bye meter connections as well as refusing to pay for electricity consume is directly or indirectly contributing to the poor development of the sector and causing set back to the country’s economic, the CEO said.

Mr Mohammed enjoins Nigerians to discard the wide perception that only those working directly to in the power sector that are responsible for the sector, but to agree with him that electricity was the binding constraint of development.

“Nigeria Electricity Industry was liberalized where private sector players took majority ownership of distribution and generation sub-sector. However, the well thought of reform is yet to be resolve. While sector players like us have huge responsibility in ensuring that the sector issues are urgently resolved, we require the support and the encouragement of all Nigerians from various works of life,” Mr Mohammed emphasised.

The Nigerian Electricity walk, organised by the Transmission Company of Nigeria in conjunction with other Nigerian Electricity Industry stakeholders also highlight the need to develop non-partisan consensus on the need for sustainable development of the industry.

Lateefah Ibrahim