Tunisia’s new PM set to form gov’t



Tunisian Prime Minister-designate Habib Jemli said on Sunday that Tunisia will have a new government in a week.

Speaking to reporters during a press conference after meetings with four leaders of most influential parties in parliament, Jemli said he has “other scenarios” to interact with decisions by certain parties he had previously invited to participate in the government coalition.

These parties are the Islamist Ennahdha (Renaissance), the Democratic Current, the People’s Movement and Long Live Tunisia.

Jemli noted that he had prepared more than three scenarios regarding the formation of his next government.

Earlier in the day, the Democratic Current with 22 seats in parliament and the People’s Movement, which has 16 seats, officially declared that they will not be part of the new government.

During a press briefing on Sunday, Hatem Malki, leader of the Heart of Tunisia party which has 38 parliamentary seats, called on Ennahdha to accelerate formation of the government as Tunisia is experiencing critical political and socio-economic conditions.