TV Reality Show to bring Nigerian street food to global stage

Nutritionist Adedomola Ladejobi

Top Nigerian chefs, Etteh Assam and Adetomi Imoteda, and a nutritionist, Adedamola Ladejobi, are on the search for Nigeria’s best street food in a new TV reality show that seeks to put street foods from the country on a global map.

“Street Foodz Naija” would showcase the best of Nigeria’s street food delicacies and the brains behind them.

Mr Assam, widely known as Chef Etteh, leads the team expected to give a professional edge to the choice of contestants and eventual winner.

Chef Etteh will be assisted by Chef Imoteda and Adedamola Ladejobi.

The new docu-series intends to showcase the best of Nigeria’s street food delicacies and award the winner one million Naira cash prize.

Chef Imoteda said, “Gelato and Shawarma, which has become so popular in Nigeria are street foods that were made prominent by their country of origin. This show will promote our indigenous street foods and encourage vendors to put a globally accepted feel to the outlook of their foods made on the street.”

A total of 13 candidates were shortlisted from the call for the entry process. As the show progresses, the shortlisted contestants will share their food stories, their journey, and the uniqueness of their business.

The audience will then vote for the best story over the next 13 weeks, from which the top seven contestants will be chosen.

These seven would then face a series of trials known as “street credibility tests”.

The contestants will then move on to the semi-finals and the grand finale. The finale will hold at the Street Food Festival.

The maiden edition will involve productions across four cities: Lagos, Port Harcourt, Calabar, and Abuja.

The docu-series will be aired over 13 weeks on six major terrestrial TV platforms across Nigeria. The winner will emerge at the Street Food Festival finale.