Ugandans demands release of opposition leader


Politicians, musicians and well-wishers of Uganda’s popular legislator Robert Kyagulanyi popularly known as Bobi Wine are demanding that government releases him from military detention.

Bobi Wine was one of several legislators and opposition supporters who were arrested following clashes with President Yoweri Museveni’s security forces on Monday, during campaigns in the West Nile town of Arua.

Bobi Wine has since been charged in the military court martial with unlawful possession of firearms while the other legislators and opposition supporters including the eventual winner of the Arua by-election Kassiano Wadri have been charged with treason.

He cannot walk, he was carried into the room wopposihere we saw him, he cannot sit straight, he speaks with difficulty and has a lot of pain breathing.

While the circumstances surrounding the arrest and subsequent charges were severely contested by many as being politically motivated, the focus has now switched to the physical state of Bobi Wine and his fellow legislator, Francis Zaake.

Both legislators were brutally beaten while in detention and are barely conscious four days after they were arrested.

Bobi Wine, who is currently detained at Makindye military barracks in the capital Kampala, can’t walk on his own, can barely talk and has several wounds all over his body, according to his wife and lawyers who have been allowed to visit him.

Reports said, Daily Monitor, reported that the other legislator Zaake, is currently on life support at Rubaga hospital in Kampala.

Uganda’s leader of opposition in parliament, etty Aol who visited Zaake that her colleague’s life was ‘on the mercy of God and we pray that he keeps him alive’.

“His condition is very bad. The people who tortured him did it with an intention of killing Hon Zaake. We hope that he gets better” Aol said.

Ugandans are rallying together using the hashtag #FreeBobiWine, to demand that government releases the legislator, so that he can receive proper medical attention as requested by his family.

Hauwa Mustapha