UK PM Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he has tested positive for the new coronavirus.

In a tweet earlier today, the Prime Minister confirmed that he had tested positive for coronavirus. Mr Johnson said he was experiencing “mild symptoms” and would be leading the country from home while self-isolating.

While he’s the first major world leader to announce a positive test, the disease has already impacted the daily lives of several others.

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel is self-isolating after a doctor who gave her a vaccination tested positive. Canada’s Justin Trudeau is also self-isolating with his wife Sophie after she tested positive following a trip to London.

Other leaders who have been tested but say their results have come back negative include the presidents of Brazil, the US and the Philippines.

Concerns were raised after several Brazilian officials tested positive after returning from a trip with Jair Bolsonaro to meet Donald Trump.

Both leaders have hit out at critics and refused to self-isolate, despite WHO recommendations for anyone with possible exposure to do so.

More than 124,000 people worldwide have recovered from COVID-19, while more than 24,054 people have died, including 1,288 in the US.

Italy has the highest death toll with more than 8,200 deaths.