UN applauds IPI Alliances

Qasim Akinreti, Geneva


The United Nations has applauded the International Press Institute, IPI, building alliances for independent media globally.

Micheal Moller, Director General UN office, Geneva gave this commendation at the opening ceremony of the 69th World Congress of IPI, supported by UN and the European Broadcasting Union, EBU.

According to Moller, the alliances of the IPI were borne of utmost protection of rights of Journalists and defence of the public on the right to know.

He cited instances of human rights abuses against Journalists globally especially in Turkey, Egypt, Ghana, Russia and Pakistan among others.

In Turkey, free speech has been stifled, Egypt jailed Al Jazeera Journalists and Ghana witnessed the killing of an Investigative Journalist over Corruption in the Judiciary. The disturbing tendencies of female Journalists harassment in Syria, Azerbaijan, Spain, Finland and the UK were also highlighted.

The UN Director General stated:” If the free flow of information is broken due to harassment and killings of Journalists, the public and ordinary citizens would suffer. When Journalists are targeted, society paid for it, because free press helps democracy to flourish.”

In the words of Noel Curran, Director General European Union, EBU, “despite the challenges facing Journalists globally, IPI must continue to showcase the unique role of Journalism.”

Barbra Tronfi, Executive Director IPI sought for justice for Journalists globally, because, this are trial times for IPI.

Despite these sad developments, Executive Director of IPI appreciated the support and dedication of members to the values of good media.

Ahead of the opening ceremony a documentary on the plights of female Journalists in Asia and Europe were broadcast to delegates to highlight the essence of building alliances for independent media.

The IPI Board also met to accept Nigeria’s and Africa’s Representative, Maina Waida as its new member.

At the town hall meeting after the opening ceremony, members were unanimous that the Press and Public must defend the independent media.

Similarly, the IPI congress celebrated courage and excellence in Journalism at an award ceremony hosted in the international Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, Geneva.

The Nigerian delegation to the IPI world congress were drawn from the print, electronic, Nigeria Union of Journalists and community media organization.