UN Deputy Secretary General calls for united Nigeria 

By Rebecca Mu’azu, Gombe

Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, Hajia Amina Mohammed

Nigerians have been advised to see their diversity as strength and not weakness, especially their core values of unity as they are better together than divided.

The Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, Hajia Amina Mohammed gave the advice during an official visit to the Gombe State Governor, Alhaji Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya.

Hajia Amina said it was urgent that aspirations of every single person be attained to avoid creating a sense of injustice and exclusion which may lead to discontent and insecurity.

She said;”it was important to invest in women, because they form 50% of the population, as such investment must be for both men and women, so that growth would be all inclusive.

”For Governor Yahaya, his administration is trying its best to meet the yearnings of the people, but needed the support of the UN to achieve them, such as government’s priority areas like human capital from education, health and the uplift of youths.”

She said the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly was going to assess how far the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs have fared in September, and see how it could reinforce the drive where necessary to get them back on track.

“So we will declare a decade of action from 2020 to 2030 and that means we will begin to look for the investment in our economy, those that will look at infrastructure that will create jobs, that will ensure it is inclusive that we don’t leave anyone behind to generate the revenue that can pay for basic services, health, education, water and sanitation. In the cases of states like Gombe, this is where we need to reinforce our structures institutionally and to bring investments to achieve the SDGs and the plans,” the UN Deputy Secretary General said.

She said in trying to get the aspirations of young people realised, especially women, who form 50% of the population, the government should involve them to be part of the growth of Gombe State.

Grassroots development
Hajia Amina said; ”development should start from the grassroots to strengthen the government, because the sustainability of a successful economy can be achieved when it is all encompassing.”

She said it was challenging that Governor Yahaya was coming at a time Nigeria faced issues of insecurity, poverty and corruption, which are symptoms of root causes that the government was trying to address within four years.

The UN Deputy Secretary General said ”Gombe was created based on the economic viability and the social cohesion in the state and that to achieve it, Governor Yahaya and Nigeria had the full support of the UN in human development indices and also in the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs.”

He added the UN was looking forward to seeing the priority areas of Governor Yahaya, to support them when he formed his cabinet.

Governor Yahaya says because of the various challenges the state faced, the UN should step in to help his administration achieve the vision he has for the state.

“We are facing significant challenges and with the scarce resources, especially for Gombe this time around, we are really in a deep mess and a very difficult situation that we will need your help at all times. And I believe the United Nations Development Agency, UNDP, will do a lot as regards to that. Equally, UNICEF has a lot for us here, in terms of providing for the needs of the children and women. And, our concern equally covers the need to be sensitive, particularly to uplift women and the girl children,” Governor Yahaya stated.


Mercy Chukwudiebere