UN diplomat: Germany should lead climate change campaign


Achim Steiner, Head of the UN Development Programme and Germany’s top-ranking diplomat at the UN, wants his country to take on a more active role in curbing climate change.

Steiner mapped out his expectations of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who will join other world leaders at a UN climate summit on Monday.

Hopefully, she will present at the climate summit a German level of ambition that reflects the country’s capacity but also its responsibility,’’ he said in New York.

Right now, Germany has been struggling to meet the short-term targets that it set for itself in its own climate strategy.

“And clearly, that is something that neither the government nor industry, nor the public in Germany wants to continue.’’

The diplomat wants to see a return to the countries “self-declared commitment of being a climate leader’’.

Dozens of heads of government and state are to convene in New York at the upcoming summit to discuss their countries’ concrete goals on climate change.

They were invited by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who is pushing for “ambition and action” in implementing the Paris climate accord.