UN leads new united push on green tech solution


The UN, tech giants, and the policy, finance and science communities have teamed up to launch major new pushes using cutting-edge technology to create cleaner, greener and more efficient solutions to sustainable development.

Key figures from these sectors are joining civil society representatives in Nairobi at the second UN Science-Policy-Business Forum on the Environment, meeting for three days in advance of the fourth UN Environment Assembly.

The goal of the Forum is to unite influential organizations and individuals from different sectors in the common goal of using the environment sustainably for the benefit of all. This year, the Forum sees the launch of two major initiatives.

The first international Working Group on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Convergence and the Green Technology Startup Hub.

The working group aims to build an open-source platform for big data on the environment, and to explore new spaces in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. It unites tech giants, Earth Observation institutions, the science and policy communities, green tech start-ups, citizen scientists and the worlds of finance and industry.

“We can’t ensure implementation of the 2030 Agenda without concrete data, which allows us to identify opportunities, ensure evidence-based decision making, direct investment and track progress,” said Siim Kiisler, President of the Assembly and Minister of Environment for Estonia.

The Green Technology Startup Hub will act as an accelerator and incubator of start-up innovation for the environment, as it examines the enabling policies and actions required to use such innovation to transform the world into greener and more sustainable living.