UN mission ‘hopes’ to salvage Libya ceasefire talks


The UN Support Mission to Libya (UNSMIL) says it “hopes to resume” peace talks after the capital, Tripoli was hit by rocket fire on Tuesday leading to the suspension of the talks being held Geneva.

Tripoli’s port was attacked by forces loyal to General khalifa Haftar who have been trying to capture the city since they launched a military campaign there 10 months ago.

The city relies heavily on shipping to feed its population.

The prospect of meaningful dialogue now appears increasingly difficult. On Tuesday, Libya’s UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) announced a suspension of the talks until it sees “firm responses” against the “aggressors”, according to a statement from the Prime Minister’s office.

A spokesman of the UN Mission to Libya has told reporters that the five military representatives of the GNA are still in Geneva.

In a statement the UN mission condemned the attack on Tripoli’s port and called for an end to “provocative actions”.

It is unclear how much confidence mediators can re-inject into the talks.

BBC/Christopher Ojilere