UN urges African countries to develop capacity for Maritime Security

Shiktra Shalangwa, Abuja


The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, UNODC has urged countries within the Gulf of Guinea to sign regional and international framework in tackling Maritime security and ensure the framework is domesticated.

Country Representative of UNODC, Mr Oliver Stolpe at the Global Maritime Security Conference holding in Abuja the capital city said countries in the Gulf of Guinea need to develop capacities to persecute  sea offenders.

Anti Piracy Bill
Mr Stolpe also commended Nigeria for signing the anti-piracy bill, noting that more needs to be done.

He suggested that the bill should be followed up by prosecution of pirates and other offenders.

The UNODC representative also said countries in the region should provide training for prosecutors.

On nexus between UNODC and Maritime security, Mr Stolpe certain drugs are transported by sea, especially tramadol and in 2014 Nigeria seized 8 tons along the Gulf of Guinea.

He said there was huge seizure of drugs in countries like Vietnam and Guinea-Bissau ,and therefore urged countries in the region to have policy harmonisation in checking drug related crimes.

He also said countries need to apply the Vietnam Convention, where countries legal frameworks at the convention will be incorporated.


Confidence Okwuchi