UNESCO commemorates World Radio Day focusing on Sports

Lateefah Ibrahim


For the 2018 World Radio Day, UNESCO has special interest in sports as the theme of Day is: ‘Radio and Sports.’

They have divided the theme into three sub-groups which created an opportunity of talking points and content for radio shows with the topics: Diversity in Sports Coverage, Gender Equality in Sports Coverage and Peace and Development through Sports Coverage.

Diversity in Sports
Diversity in Sports Coverage focuses on the traditional sports that celebrate the Nigerian heritage, or for example a successful sports star from Nigeria making their name on the global stage.

Gender Equality in Sports
Gender Equality in Sports Coverage entails sports coverage and it’s is huge power in shaping norms and stereotypes about gender.

“Radio has the ability to challenge these norms, promoting a balanced coverage of men’s and women’s sports and a fair portrayal of sportspeople irrespective of gender”.

Peace and Development in Sports 
Peace and Development through Sports Coverage could be through greater coverage of sports for peace and development initiatives, the universal values of non-violence, solidarity and tolerance are recognised and celebrated.


PR/Lateefah Ibrahim