Untreated bladder infection poses risk to kidney- Expert


A General Physician at Maitama District Hospital, Abuja, Innocent Ike has warned that acute bladder infection could lead to kidney infection if left untreated.

Ikpe described bladder infection as bacterial infection of the bladder, when bacteria get into the urethra.

“Bladder infections can be treated with antibiotics but if it repeatedly develops, that the case may be severe. Anyone with such severe case should not hesitate to see qualified medical doctor immediately for treatment. Treating bladder infection means suppressing the bacteria that are causing the pains in the bladder and such a person could live a healthy live,’’ said the physician.

Ikpe explained that not urinating immediately and keeping the urine in the bladder for long is the most common cause of bladder infection.

He advised people to take water frequently, stressing that it will help in hydrating the body and flushing the system.

“When you drink more water it may help to wash out any bacteria that entered the bladder,’’ he said.

Ikpe added that the symptoms of bladder infection includes pain when urinating, frequent need to urinate and discomfort in the lower abdomen.

Other symptoms, according to him, are smelly urine and bloody urine.

He also advised women not to keep urine in the bladder especially after sexual intercourse to reduce the risk of infection.

Bilkisu Pai