US applauds Eritrea, Ethiopia peace move

The White House, USA

The United States has applauded the progress made by Ethiopia and Eritrea to resolve longstanding disputes and normalize relations between the two ‘horn of Africa’nations.

“Conflict between these states over 20 years has hindered stability and economic growth in the vital Red Sea region.  A durable peace will yield greater prosperity and security not only for the citizens of Ethiopia and Eritrea, but also for their neighbors, the United States, and the world,” said the statement of the White House Press Secretary.

The US praised Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Eritrea’s Isaias Afwerki for demonstrating courageous leadership by taking the steps toward peace.

“Ethiopia and Eritrea have a critical role in promoting stability and prosperity in the Horn of Africa.  The United States looks forward to a full normalization of relations and the realization of our shared aspirations for both countries to enjoy enduring peace and development.  As a witness to the Algiers Agreement, the United States stands ready to facilitate progress toward this goal,” the statement said

Eritrea and Ethiopia had been embroiled in a border war for almost two decades and only recently intensified efforts to broker peace.