US-based Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha reveals occupation details


US-based Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha, says she works as a health information specialist and a financial adviser in the US.

She said being away from the social media, but doesn’t mean she doesn’t work hard to keep things going smoothly.

On her Instagram page, Onuoha shares gorgeous photos of herself, stating that she works as a health information specialist, a job in which she collects data and holds nurses and doctors accountable regarding treatment of patients and service delivery.

Earlier, she had announced on social media that she had bought a house worth N185 million which prompted fans to question her means of livelihood in the US.




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The part of my life you seldomly see. Most often I get asked “Gina” what do you do? Simple: I am a woman wearing many hats. Many think I’m a nurse, No I am not a nurse. Rather I process and analyze healthcare data. I am a health information specialist and my job entails holding doctors, nurses and all clinical health care providers accountable and making sure they are applying both state and federal laws when providing health care services to patients. I do quality assurance audit to protect patients and well as health care providers and institutions. That being said, I also own and run a few businesses. I am a financial adviser with World Financial Group and also a Childcare services business owner. I work 16 hours each day and have nothing but tremendous respect for hardworking people. There is dignity in hard work and it gives one great integrity. I take pride in all I do and I am unapologetic about it or by my career paths after acting/modeling. Our lives are more than just taking pics for the grams, we add value to our society. Don’t wait for an already made life, create it for yourself. Good morning my lovely Ginafam. LG?❤️ Copyright © Georgina Onuoha 11/13/2019

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