US takes Wakanda off free-trade list


The US Department of Agriculture USDA has removed the mythical African country of Wakanda from an online list of nations that have free-trade agreements with the US.

The mistake was noticed by a Tweeter Francis Tseng.

The software engineer was looking for data on US agricultural tariffs for a fellowship he is pursuing, report says.

“I was very confused at first and thought I misremembered the country from the movie and got it confused with something else,” Mr Tseng told reporters.

Before it was removed, report adds that Mr Tseng downloaded an Excel spreadsheet listing “Harmonized Schedule” tariff codes for various goods traded between Wakanda and the US including live animals, dairy goods, tobacco and alcohol but that there was no mention of a trade agreement in vibranium  a fictional ultra-strong metal found in Wakanda.

After the list was corrected, Tseng tweeted a tongue-in-cheek political analysis of the situation.

“Well, the USDA took Wakanda off the list. Guess we’re in a trade war with them too”

A spokesman told journalists that the inclusion of Wakanda was a mistake made as part of a test officials were running.


Dominica Nwabufo