Voters apathy cause low turnout in Jos, Plateau State

Omolola Fadile/Glory Ohagwu, Jos


Accreditation and voting commenced at polling units 006 in Jos South Local Government at exactly 8:am.

Electoral materials were said to have arrived as early as 5am. The voters were very orderly and peaceful although Very low turnout. The process was a mix of male and female voters.

The Presence of security operatives was also observed and very well coordinated.

Elderly and physically challenged were given priority to vote first.

Meanwhile, at the old Deputy Governors office polling centre with eight voting points, electoral officers at some points were seen soaking in the sun as they calmly awaited the arrival of registered voters.

Some of the presiding officers who granted an interview to Voice of Nigeria confirmed that when compared to the presidential and National Assembly Elections, the voters turn out is abysmally low. If the tide does not change, the outcome will not just affect the final result of who emerges winner of the gubernatorial and House of assembly elections but the National Assembly rerun outcome.

As the clock work ticks to the official end of voting, it is hoped that voting gains momentum, with a change in the attitude of the electorate from apathy to owning the voting process.