Warning over dust storm in Kenya  


The Kenya Meteorological Department has advised Kenyans to exercise extra caution outdoors after strong winds hit parts of the capital Nairobi and the central region.

The winds raised clouds of dust, uprooted trees, pulled down billboards and knocked off power lines.

Kenya’s power distribution company, Kenya Power, is still conducting repairs in some of the affected residential areas in Nairobi.

Samuel Mwangi, Deputy Director at the Kenya Meteorological Department, said similar storms may be experienced in the coming days, although not as strong as tuesday’s.

“It is good to be careful, especially if you are walking towards billboards or temporary structures,” he said.

Northern Tanzania, especially the city of Arusha, was also hit by the high winds.

Social media users in the two East African nations have been sharing photos and videos of the destruction.

This one was an advisory urging Kenyan drivers to be careful on the roads because of reduced visibility.

Mr Mwangi said the storm was caused by a common phenomenon but the impact may have been enhanced by the prevailing dry conditions which led to huge clouds of dust.

He said it results from a build-up of vertical clouds and it is the same condition which leads to hailstorms, lightning and thunder.

“Once the rain sets and the area is wet, dust will be reduced,” he said.

The department posted more information about the weather phenomena

“What we are experiencing is a deep convective system in the southern section of Kenya”. This system is moving from the Coastal Kenya as it propagates inland toward South East low lands, Nairobi and Central parts of Kenya.


Dominica Nwabufo