Waste expert seeks national enforcement of environment laws


Prof. Oladele Osibanjo, the President, Waste Management Society of Nigeria (WAMSON), has advised the Federal and State Governments to enforce the established environmental laws.

Osibanjo gave this advice in Lagos.

According to him, there are many environmental problems arising from inability to manage the waste properly because governments do not enforce the laws and policies on environment.

”Inability to manage waste properly can have multiplier effects on how the environment of a community looks like.

”The drainage systems will be blocked by waste; this is washed into the canals and all other water ways.

”Then, there will be flooding when it rains, which may destroy lives and property.

”Weak buildings can collapse or show signs of distress when submerged in water for so long.

”Also, the leeches from the waste can penetrate the underground water, polluting the source of water and making it hazardous to health,” Osibanjo said.

According to him, Federal and State Governments are not carrying out thorough Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

He said that most of our major markets were located on heavily polluted areas and these were places people and hoteliers, among others, were buying their foodstuffs.

Osibanjo said it was necessary that EIA should be respected and forcefully implemented for public interest and to avoid enormous disaster in future.

“Environmental pollution has ripple effects as it contaminates the land and causes havoc to agricultural produce.

“It also affected the rivers, putting humans in danger of eating contaminated aquatic animals like fishes, periwinkles, among others,’’ he said.

Osibanjo said that all the contaminated foodstuffs when injected, works as time bomb waiting to explode in form of cancer, body pains, headaches and other full blown diseases distrusting human health.