Water ministers to end talks over mega dam


Water ministers from Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan are ending their four meetings about the dispute over Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam on Thursday.

At the centre of the dispute are plans to fill up the mega dam as Egypt fears the project will allow Ethiopia to control the flow of Africa’s longest river. The speed with which Ethiopia fills up the dam’s reservoir will affect the flow downstream.

The longer it takes to fill the reservoir, the less impact there will be on the level of the river. Ethiopia wants to do it in six years but Egypt has proposed a 10-year period.

Three-way talks between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia over operating the dam and filling its reservoir have made no progress in four years.

If there is no agreement in this latest talk, then another meeting on 15 January will decide whether heads of state will convene to discuss it or whether to bring in a mediator.

When completed next year, it will be Africa’s biggest hydroelectric power plant


Dominica Nwabufo



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