Water Resources Ministry records laudable achievements in Borno state

Abubakar Mohammed, Maiduguri



The Ministry of Water Resources in Borno state has recorded tremendous achievements from the governor Zulum led administration in the last 12 months.

In line with the developmental promises of the Borno State government, the Commissioner for Water resources, Engineer Tijjani Goni Alkali restates total commitment of the ministry in providing portable drinking water across the state.

“We have recorded some laudable achievement in the last 12 months.

“Complete turn around and maintenance of 185kw 6 Nos centrifugal pump (high lift pump) in the water treatment plant with the capacity of discharging 756, 000littres per hour, each completed and fully functional.

“Complete turn around maintenance of 337kw 3 nos centrifugal pump in Alau raw water facility with the capacity of discharging 560,000 litres per hour each completed and fully functional.

” Complete overhaul and repair of 5 nos 1250KVA /400v Electric power Generators completed and fully functional.

“Procurement and installation of 12 nos chemical dosing pumps, rehabilitation of chemical tanks and articulation of piping network in the water treatment plant – on going.

“Complete overhaul and repair of 2 nos 1500KVA /1100v Dorman Perkins Electric Generator completed with Electric appliances and panels in the water treatment plant power house is on going. This very generators were out of functions since 2004, all the mechanical aspect of it has been completed and we are working on the Electrical aspect of it.

“Evacuation of sluge and cleaning of 2 nos 43, 000m3 capacity each reservoir in water treatment plant (second time since commission) – completed and fully functional.

“Rehabilitation of filter Gallery in water treatment plant ( first time since commission) – on-going.

“Connection of 14Km high tension Electric designated line to Alau Raw water facility completed and fully functional.”

The Commissioner also said, “our daily production of water in water treatment plant has improved between 28 to 30 million litres per day as of last year to 38 to 45 million litres as of today.

“We also created the monitory and evaluation unit in the ministry for effective delivery of daily action.”