“We blew it!” – German team apologizes for stunning exit


The German senior national team has apologised to its fans following its group stage in Russia 2018 World Cup elimination.

The defending champions lost 0-2 to South Korea in their last group F game to end with three points.

“Dear Fans! We’re just as disappointed as you are! A World Cup is only every four years, and we had made so much of ourselves. We’re sorry we didn’t play like world champions. Therefore, we are also deserving of excreted, as bitter as it is,’’ it tweeted.

“Your support was great, in Germany and in the stadiums. In Rio 2014 we were still celebrating together. But the sport also includes defeats and recognition if the opponents were better.”

Germany are the fourth defending champions to be eliminated from the Group Stage at the World Cup in the last five tournaments (also France 2002, Italy 2010, Spain 2014).