We voted without fear in former boko haram stronghold – Senator

Nokai Origin, Maiduguri 


Senator Ali Ndume of Borno state has said that voting in various wards in Goza a former stronghold of the Boko Haram terrorist group, went on peacefully and without fear.

Senator Ndume speaking after a visit to the Collation center in Maiduguri, the Borno State Capital  said this was a departure from what was witnessed in 2015 when the insurgent group made Goza their headquarters.

He told Voice of Nigeria Corespondent Nokai Origin, that they were grateful to Nigeria’s president Mohammadu Buhari for bringing back peace in the state.

“Like myself I am from Goza where Boko Haram in the last dispensation took over as Headquarters of the insurgents, this time around I just came back today Sunday (10-03-19) back from Goza and I have been there since Friday, my family was there since Thursday, we conducted our elections in the various wards peacefully without fear. In 2015, when the elections were conducted and collation was done it was not in a relaxed mood as present, so we thank president Mohammadu Buhari for bringing back peace to the North East especially Borno State, and that’s why you see that in Borno State we voted massively for APC” said Senator Ndume.

Senator Ndume also thanked all those contributing to bringing back peace and resettlement in the North Eastern State.