WHO: “It’s time to End Violence of any form!”

Amaka E. Nliam


The new Global Status Report on Preventing Violence Against Children by WHO, @UNICEF@UNESCO, @SRSGVAC & @GPtoEndViolence has called for more government action to #EndViolence against children and warns of ‘dramatic impact’ of #COVID19.

The Global Status Report 2020 is the first of its kind, charting progress in 155 countries against the “INSPIRE” framework, a set of seven strategies for #EndViolence and responding to violence against children.

The Report includes the first ever global homicide estimates specifically for children under 18 years of age: in 2017, around 40,000 children were victims of homicide, including 28,160 boys and 11,990 girls.

Nearly 3 in 4 children (300 million) aged 2-4 years regularly suffer physical punishment and/or psychological violence at the hands of parents or caregivers.

The Report signals a clear need in all countries to scale up efforts to implement strategies to #EndViolence against children as it affects them at all life stages.

While 88% of countries have key laws in place to protect children, only 47% of countries said these were being strongly enforced.


WHO condemns Violence in any form

It’s time to #EndViolence against girls and young women.

According to the WHO, 1 in 4 children aged under 5 years live with a mother who is a victim of intimate partner violence, while 120 million girls and young women under 20 years of age have suffered some form of forced sexual contact.

The Report further said that adults who experienced 4 or more childhood adversities are 7 times more likely to be involved in interpersonal violence and 30 times more likely to attempt suicide.

It’s time to #EndViolence of any form!


Amaka E. Nliam


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