Why Abuja five-star hotels don’t patronize local meat market

Hudu Yakubu, Abuja


The Nigerian Federal Capital Territory Administration, FCTA, says five-star hotels do not patronize the local meat market within Abuja because of concerns about the deplorable state of abattoirs and the unhygienic way meat is conveyed to slaughter points.

The Director of Environmental Health and Safety Department with AEPB Ajueyitsi Simeon stated this during a stakeholders meeting on Meat Haulage Policy with FCT Butchers Association and those from neighbouring states in Abuja Nigeria’s capital.

Simeon enjoined meat sellers to improve on the quality of meat offered for sale.

He warned that defaulters would penalised if they persisted in the unwholesome practice of transporting fresh meat in Taxi cabs, Keke NAPEP, motor cycles or on rusty carts.

The director also insisted that there must be vehicles solely dedicated for meat transportation which must not be used to convey humans as well.

In that regard any motorized or hand driven meat ‘carrier’ or container must carry the logo provided by FCTA with the inscription “ABUJA MEAT HAULAGE” and shall be strictly dedicated to meat haulage alone and must be made of stainless steel. Non compliance with the standard specification made under those regulations will attract severe penalties including impoundment and destruction through burning of the meat in a place and manner that shall be designated by the enforcement body,” he said.