Why Nigerian farmers ‘shouldn’t be desperate’ for exports


Nigerian farmers have been warned against desperate attempt to export their farm produce.

An Agriculturist, Mr Bode Olusegun, advised farmers to learn to feed Nigerians first before targeting foreign markets.

He said that some commercial farmers were fond of targeting foreign markets while ignoring the Nigerian market.

Your country should be your first target and not a foreign land. Feed Nigerians first before considering other nations. 

“Let us flock the Nigerian market with food. Let us feed our people first before satisfying foreign countries.

 “We, Nigerian farmers need a change of attitude. We are too profit minded in dealing with foreign markets to the detriment of our own local market.

“Let us use our products to enlarge our markets. Farmers can rescue the nation from economic woes through supply of food and poverty will disappear when we have enough food in the market,’’ he said.

The Agriculturist, however, called on the Federal Government to support and equip farmers to encourage them to produce large quantity.

Give farmers loan facilities and boost their morals to produce more for local markets to feed the Nation,’’ he said.