Why plastic bag companies should go biodegradable

Plastic bag

Prof. Nasiru Idris,  the Dean of Faculty of Environmental Science, Nasarawa State University, Keffi, has advised  companies producing plastic bags to use biodegradable raw materials to produce their products to protect the environment.

Idris gave the advice in Abuja on Tuesday.

“Climate is a global phenomenon, but Nigeria can play her role by protecting the environment through directing all companies producing plastic bags to go biodegradable with their products.”

He said that every Nigerian had a role to play in protecting the environment from the effects of climate change and should not just be left for government.

Idris said Nigerians should change their lifestyles in terms of “ecological footprints and carrying capacity per person.”

The professor said that deforestation could be minimised by reducing the cost of domestic gas, thereby making it readily available to Nigerians.

“Kerosine should be made available in the rural areas.

“Modern cooking stove should also be made available to reduce the pressure on cutting down trees.”

Idris said government should provide efficient and modern transportation services in all the states, adding that green economy should be the priority of government.

“Government should know that oil will soon be a thing of the past and the faster we diversify the better for Nigeria.”

He said primary and secondary schools’ curricula should have aspects of climate change for future generations to be able to understand the importance of protecting the environment early.

The don suggested that special programmes on the causes, impacts and effects of climate change should be produced by both the print media and television stations across the country.

He said clean energy technology should be encouraged at all levels and all sectors should key into the business.

“In conclusion, the practical way to conserve or protect the environment is to go back to the traditional slogan used in waste management phrase of 3Rs dated back to 1970s

“That is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.”